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Introducing POW

Performance of Wellness is an exciting new supplements brand providing sports professionals with expertly formulated products to maintain peak health, fitness, and wellness.

Our introductory collection consists of 5 consciously formulated supplements, specially developed by our sports performance specialists in collaboration with GB Snowsports.

Whether it’s persevering through a tough training schedule, or boosting your heart health with Omega-3, POW provides the optimal dosage to support an active lifestyle.

Our Promise

Each of our 5 new supplements boasts premium, natural ingredients, driven by science to ensure high performance for physical and mental wellbeing.

We promise to never test on animals or use palm oil in our products, so you can be sure that looking after your health is kind to the planet too.

Our Philosophy

Originally, POW was created by HealthKind in response to the lack of quality and clarity in the vitamins market.

With over 45 years in the health & wellness industry, we’ve used our expertise to craft our formulations in-house – from conception to R&D, manufacturing to distribution, and beyond.

We collaborated with GB Snowsport to launch a distinct new player to aid professional athletes, sportspeople, and high-performance gym enthusiasts alike – combining performance with wellbeing for anyone wanting to perform at their best.

Informed Sport

Working closely with Informed Sports, every POW supplement has been certified as free from any of the 250+ contaminants prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Informed Sports, the global quality assurance regulator for sports nutrition products, performs rigorous analytical testing on each product batch. As a result, users can be assured that POW supplements are free from unsafe substances, and can be trusted to deliver effective nutrition without compromise.

Performance of Wellness

POW creates products with purpose, containing exactly the right balance of high quality ingredients – developed by experts to encourage effective physical and mental support. This special collaboration between HealthKind and GB Snowsport has paved the way for POW’s improved approach to sports nutrition. So whether you need an Omega-3, energy, immunity, recovery, or probiotic boost, discover how POW can enhance you and yourteam with straight forward, transparent science.

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